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Although born in Norway, I emigrated to Canada with my family a number of years ago. While there I became a naturalized Citizen of Canada and had to renounce my Norwegian Citizenship. Later on we moved back to Norway where we are still living in body, while the spirit still remains over there. To this day I am still asking myself why the heck we moved back.


Area: Capital:
9 997 000 sq. km
(The second largest country in the world)
Ottawa, Ontario
Provinces & Territories: Most important Cities:
(10 Provinces and 3 Territories).
(Capitals in parentheses)Alberta (Edmonton); British Columbia (Victoria); Manitoba (Winnipeg); New Brunswick (Fredericton); Newfoundland (St. John's); Nova Scotia (Halifax); Ontario (Toronto); Prince Edward Island (Charlottetown); Quebec (Quebec City); Saskatchewan (Regina); Northwest Territories (Yellowknife); Yukon (Whitehorse) and on May 25, 1993, representatives of the government and the Inuits signed a land treaty which lead to the establishment of a new territory called Nunavut (Iqaluit).

The Nunavut territory with administration was established April 1, 1999.

Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa-Hull.
Climate: Mountain Areas:
Great variations. Permanent inland-ice, rugged tree-bare tundra, rich rainforests, warm partly infertile bushareas and sun-warm grainfields are some of the characteristic environmentally determined landscapes. The greater part of Canada is located in a westerly windzone area where high- and low pressure systems moves irregularly, but mainly towards east. (East) Torngat, Appalachians, Laurentians; (West) Rocky Mountains, Coast, Mackenzie, St. Elias; (North) British Empire, Princess Margaret. Tallest Mountain: Mount Logan, Yukon. (5 951 metres).
Gratest Lakes: Greatest Rivers:
Lake Superior *, Lake Huron *, Great Bear Lake, Great Slave Lake, Lake Erie *, Lake Winnipeg, Lake Ontario *, (largest lake within Canada's borders is Great Bear Lake, Yukon with it's 31 328 sq. km.)
* Four of the five Great Lakes that are partially within the US.
St. Lawrence (3 864 km long with Ocean-going shipping from the Atlantic to the end of the Grat Lakes). Yukon River *, Nelson River, Columbia River*, Saskatchewan River, Peace River, Churchill River. (Longest river: Mackenzie, 4 240.5 km, Northwest Territories).
* Partially within US.
Government: National Symbol:
Canada is a democratic federal state with parliamentary government where all the Provinces are represented. The Maple Leaf. (The provinces and the territories all have their own symbol).
National Anthem: National Day:
O Canada July 1
Currency: Natives:
Canadian Dollar = 100 cents Includes Inuits, Indians and Metis (mixed race).
Religion: Official Languages:
Dominated by the Roman-Catholics (11.402.605, including 192.220 Ukranian catholics). Protestants: 9.914.580. English and French.
Ethnic Origin: Culture:
British and Irish: (44.6%), French: (28.7%), Other Europeans: (23%), Asians: (1.3%). The Canadian society consists of a great variety of races and cultures.
Education: Sports:
8 year public school, 4- 5 years intermediate school and 3-4 years higher education. The most common sports activities are: Swimming, skates, tennis, golf, ice-hockey, ski, curling. The most common public-sports are ice-hockey, Canadian football and Baseball.
Natural Resources: Gross Natural Product:
Natural gass, oil, coal, gold, iron-ore, silver, molybdenum, uranium, zink, forestry and water. 1983: 375 billion Canadian Dollars.
Export: Import:
Motor-vehicles and spare-parts, machinery, processed metals and other processed materials, high-technology products, petroleum, natural gas ore, forestry- and agricultural products. Motor-vehicles and spare-parts, machinery and mechanical equipment, petroleum, processed metals, chemical products, animals and other food-related products etc.
Most Important Industries: Population:
Petroleum-refinery, production of Automobiles, pulp- and paper processing, meat processing, iron and steel industry, machinery fabrication. Population figures from the 1991 Census: Canada total 27 296 859 (100 %).


Pop. 2 545 553 (9.3%)
ArmsNova Scotia
Pop. 899 942 (3.3%)
ArmsBritish Columbia
Pop. 3 282 061 (12.0%)
Pop. 10 084 885 (36.9%)
Pop. 1 091 942 (4.0%)
ArmsPrince Edward Island
Pop. 129 765 (0.5%)
ArmsNew Brunswick
Pop. 723 900 (2.7%)
Pop. 6 895 963 (25.3%)
Pop. 568 474 (2.1%)
Pop. 988 928 (3.6%)
ArmsNorthwest Territories
Pop. 57 649 (0.2%)
ArmsYukon Territory
Pop. 27 797 (0.1%)

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